An experienced design director specialising in user experience product design & direction, utilising web3, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies to drive digital transformation in the design, arts and luxury sectors.

Formerly Creative Director at Christie's, Design Lead at Tate and the Whitechapel Gallery, I'm dedicated to elevating digital-hybrid experiences — crafting captivating online interactions that harmoniously integrate with immersive in-person events

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My design approach thrives in a fast, start-up like environment, focused on user-centric and data-driven principles. I employ a flexible methodology, capable of handling a range of tasks simultaneously, from product ideation to long-term integration planning.

My strategy is built around an iterative cycle of discovery, design, delivery, deployment and measurement, all underpinned by an Insight—Design—Learn loop.

Embracing agile methodologies, and positive disruption, I strike a balance between quality and speed, continuously iterating for fast improvements. Collaborating closely with artists, creators, product owners and leadership, I focus on aligning meaningful and impactful experiences (off and online) with tangible business goals.


An overview of my product design process, from the earliest requirements gathering through to MVP launch, measure and iterative improvements.  


→ UX Research
→ Map 'As Is' Journey
→ Tech Feasibility study
→ Heuristics Workshop
→ User Stories / PDP


→ PDP / User flows / Site-Map
→ Wireframes / Prototypes
→ Stakeholder Feedback
→ Insight-Iterate-Learn Loop
→ Hi-Fi / Production Hand-off


→ T-shirt sizing / Agree Scope
→ Agile Sprints
→ Functionality Testing
→ Incorporate Feedback / MVP
→ QA, Go/ No Go


→ Official Product Release
→ Track Performance
→ Gather User Insights
→ Hyper-care, Fast Fixes
→ Measure Success Metrics
Discovery Phase
Design Phase
Delivery Phase
Deploy Phase
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